Dear Friend,

Thank you for allowing me a place in your life. Our conversation will be one of encouragement, laced with humor and chocked full of truth and self awareness. I am passionate about life and excited to bring you what I have learned – sometimes the hard way. You will always get honesty from me and an eagerness to share what I know. My heart is to Empower, Encourage and Engage Intentional Living in all areas of life.




Yep, my weekend was a little empty, a lot lighter by two bodies actually.  Sound weird?  Let me explain... Both my young adults (25 & 21) moved out this past week but they did not move in together. Goodness me, I don't think that would EVER work. They are COMPLETE...

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7 Steps to Overcome
Entrepreneurial Overload
& Anxiety

If you are an entrepreneur, you have experienced at some point in your journey bouts of overload and possibly anxiety. Owning a business creates challenges everyday that can be extremely stressful and exhausting, especially if you don’t take the time to step away and...

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Decisions, Decisions – What to do?

You have two choices when you are struggling through an important life decision. ONE - You think through all the variables and run the decision through to the end to identify the possible long term effect, or; TWO - You do what is easiest in the moment regardless of...

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