Dear Friend,

Thank you for allowing me a place in your life. Our conversation will be one of encouragement, laced with humor and chocked full of truth and self awareness. I am passionate about life and excited to bring you what I have learned – sometimes the hard way. You will always get honesty from me and an eagerness to share what I know. My heart is to Empower, Encourage and Engage Intentional Living in all areas of life.



I Started My Weekend a Little Empty…

Yep, my weekend was a little empty, a lot lighter by two bodies actually.  Sound weird?  Let me explain... Both my young adults (25 & 21) moved out this past week but they did not move in together. Goodness me, I don't think that would EVER work. They are COMPLETE...

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7 Steps to Overcome
Entrepreneurial Overload
& Anxiety

If you are an entrepreneur, you have experienced at some point in your journey bouts of overload and possibly anxiety. Owning a business creates challenges everyday that can be extremely stressful and exhausting, especially if you don’t take the time to step away and...

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Is It Time for a Change in Perspective?

Yesterday I had somebody ask me “don’t you think life is hard?” My answer...NO, I don’t think life is hard because when I think of life I think of it as an opportunity. Instead of drudgery I see adventure. Instead of lack I see abundance. Everyone, and I mean everyone...

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Decisions, Decisions – What to do?

You have two choices when you are struggling through an important life decision. ONE - You think through all the variables and run the decision through to the end to identify the possible long term effect, or; TWO - You do what is easiest in the moment regardless of...

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Be Your Own Advocate

Many years ago I realized that I MUST be my own advocate.  Not my doctor, not my mother, not my husband, but ME.  If I want to go with the flow and be just like everyone else, then shutting down myself to blend in is the way to go. But doing so would mean that I am...

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Successful Meal Planning

It is almost that time again…BACK TO SCHOOL, which means planning meals for the family. P.S. This works for everyone - even if you don’t have kids going to school or even have kids!  Keep reading… Most of us fall into one of these two categories; either your kid(s)...

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What Season Are You In?

As I sit here and write this post we are definitely entering into fall.  The color of the leaves and the nip in the wind tell one story but the temperatures are fighting every step of the way.  So that leads me to the purpose of this post - what season are you in and...

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Stop the Negative Labels

A couple of days ago I was called to Jury Duty.  I never fully made it on the Jury.  I spent 1 1/2 days being questioned.  We went through 3 rounds of letting people go before I was officially excused.  Besides all the questions that were asked about our past that may...

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Accountability Drives Your Success

Accountability is a key driver for success. When we keep it hidden, we fail no one except ourselves. But when we set up accountability with our inner circle then we step up the game. When you announce, “I am running a marathon” or “I am giving up soda’s and drinking...

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