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An investment in your  brain is an
investment in your future!

1. Cognitive Skills Assessment…

The first step to eliminate brain fog is to schedule your appointment to  take the assessment.   The entire process is 90 minutes.  The assessment itself is 45 minutes and will uncover your cognitive strengths and weaknesses.


2. Consultation 

A Brain Train Coach will sit down with you and go over the results,   discuss how the results are impacting your day to day and how the program will benefit your cognitive abilities.   Then, we will customize a treatment plan that fits your specific needs.

3. Individual Brain Training

You will complete your individual treatment plan  using Captian’s Log MindPower Builder gaming system.  We will target your cognitive weaknesses to rapidly turn them into strengths.



Neuroplasticity and Neurons.  All of our behaviors change our brain.  When we resist challenging our brain we eventually prune neurons that allow us to learn and retain information.  This starts as early as learning does.

The great news is your brain has the ability to regrow those neurons through cognition practice and repetition.  A key to growing those neurons is intense challenge in those areas we struggle.  Structured and intentionally increased difficulty, as well as increased struggle during practice, leads to both more learning and greater structural change in the brain.

It is true that, “cells that fire together, wire together”.  Brain Training rewires the brain leading to a host of cognitive improvements short term AND long term.

The Program

Eliminating Brain Fog starts with a 45-minute assessment to determine which cognitive areas need growth.  A Brain Train coach will review the assessment and devise a plan specifically for you. You will then begin a series of electronic games and puzzles designed to improve mental functions such as memory, focus, attention span, and more.

A minimum of 20 hours is required to achieve clinical results but, 40 hours will provide maximum benefits.  The program requires at least 2 hours a week of training (broken into 1 hour segments).  You can fast track the program by increasing your weekly time on the program.  You have the freedom to come a maximum of 5 days a week for 2 hours a day to complete the program faster.

We offer two payment options: pay as you go or pay in full with a discount provided.  For questions or additional pricing information contact me


“My career requires me to read, retain  and apply what I know daily.  I felt like I had a mental block before brain training.  Midway through the program I noticed an ability to process through information faster.  By the time I finished the program I was amazed by my ability to truly grasp materials.  I feel like I have a competitive edge!”

I was really struggling retaining information and felt mentally overwhelmed.  For my career, this was not an option.  By the time I finished the program my brain felt like I had open space and the ability to learn new things and not get stuck.  The first week after I completed the program I read 7 books.  Crazy!!