Essentials – 101

Looking to grow your ability to have and maintain personal and professional success?

Join me, Titus Bartolotta and Dave Ferguson as we share our knowledge and expertise in this 6 week session to transform your life and business! Sessions are 7:30am- to 12:30pm Oct 5, Oct 18, Nov 1, and Nov 15. Be sure to register under Christi Ratcliff to be entered to win a prize!

This program is for individuals and teams looking to grow their ability to have and maintain personal and professional success. Personal effectiveness grows from within and this program helps participants identify the areas where they can effect meaningful change and understand what is necessary to enact long-lasting personal and professional growth.

The 8 topics covered form the core foundation for growth and the methodology of our courses ensure that we cover the topics from multiple angles and provides an engagement activity to ensure that the lessons learned are fully understood and internalized.

** When registering for the event, please select Christi Ratcliff from the drop-down box under How Did You Find Out About This Program? Every person signed up under me will be entered to win 5 of my most highly recommended books on business.