Do you need a speaker for an upcoming event!


“[Christi] helped us to really thrive during our team meeting and collectively find the best ways to communicate with each other and our clients. We were really lucky to have her join us in our meeting, help us to brainstorm, and get some instant results as the meeting went on … I recommend coming in with an open mind and a pen. Take lots of notes and absorb all she has to offer.”
—Zeiss participant

“In 30 minutes I learned so many useful tips to go home and apply.  Christi communicates in a way that inspires you to want more for yourself.”

Is your company spinning its wheels in unproductive habits?  If employees talk about values and mission statements and then have actions that reflect something totally different, a keynote can help recalibrate and move it forward in a focused, productive direction.

Download the Keynote Speaker flyer for more information.  

Here are a few keynotes that can be tailored to your company:

  • How You See the World & How the World Sees You (most popular)
  • The Team Effect: Personally & Professionally
  • Communicating UP
  • Customer Excellence
  • Tapping into Your Genius
  • Legacy Unleashed
  • Mastering Financial Communication with Finesse

Your employees will leave the keynote with the tools and encouragement they need for transformative change.  Passion and energy will be recovered.  Focus restored.


These keynotes are also available:

  • Brain Detox: Declutter Your Mind, Declutter Your Life
  • Living Your Authentic Life
  • Creating Boundaries
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Transforming Your Financial Mindset