A couple of days ago I was called to Jury Duty.  I never fully made it on the Jury.  I spent 1 1/2 days being questioned.  We went through 3 rounds of letting people go before I was officially excused.  Besides all the questions that were asked about our past that may affect our ability to sway our opinion of what the defendant was charged with, there was one overall question that was asked at least  50 times:
‘Do you view my client is innocent?”

We all said yes, because this young man is innocent until proven guilty.  But it got me thinking about labels.

How many labels do we put on ourselves and on others without even giving it a second thought???

Overly Emotional
and the list could go on and on….
We put everyone around us in a box of labels that serve no real purpose but cause division and takes us further away from unity.  We use these labels to “explain” a persons issue or why we struggle with them.
We focus on the problem but NEVER the solution.
Therefore, when you talk about a person in labels, the next time you say that persons name, their label is what defines them.  How would you like your character to be defined by someone else’s label instead of who you are in an interaction with that person.
Can you tell, I despise labels!!!  They sway our thinking of a person.  They belittle or diminish the actual person and whittle them down to a label.  There goes Fat Christi, Here comes Narrow-Minded Tim.  So long Selfish Patti.
Stop the labels!  Even if you don’t get along with someone, honor them as a person and let their actions to others define their character instead of your label.
Make a difference!