Brain Training

Improve Memory

Increase Focus

Greater Comprehension

What to Expect

Start with an assessment to determine which cognitive areas need growth. A Brain Training coach will review the assessment and devise a plan specifically for you. You will then begin a series to improve memory, focus, attention span, and more. 

The Science  of Brain Training

Your brain has the ability to regrow neurons through cognition practice and repetition. A key to growing those neurons is intense challenge in those areas we struggle. Structured and intentionally increased difficulty, as well as increased struggle during practice, leads to both more learning and greater structural change in the brain.


“My career requires me to read, retain  and apply what I know daily.  I felt like I had a mental block before brain training.  Midway through the program I noticed an ability to process through information faster.  By the time I finished the program I was amazed by my ability to truly grasp materials.  I feel like I have a competitive edge!”

“I wanted to let you know how well my son has done these last two quarters in school. He is on the honor roll and the school has dropped his 504 plan because of how well he is doing. We are very pleased. Thanks for your help with Brain Train earlier this year…it actually helped!”

“For several years my son, Keaton, has struggled with reading and comprehension skills.  He attended private year around tutoring for two years with little or no improvement.  The summer of 2015 I was introduced to the Braintrain Program by a friend whose son was enrolled.  Keaton began his forty hours with Braintrain in late August, just prior to beginning the fifth grade.  Within the first semester of school, Keaton was making remarkable strides.  He was now reading at his designated level, and his ELA grade rose from a low C to a solid B, and is moving to an A.   In addition to his improved academic performance, Keaton’s self-esteem and attitude have dramatically improved.  Overall, the Braintrain Program has had a positive impact on my son.   I highly recommend the program for anyone at any age.”

“I was really struggling retaining information and felt mentally overwhelmed.  For my career, this was not an option.  By the time I finished the program my brain felt like I had open space and the ability to learn new things and not get stuck.  The first week after I completed the program I read 7 books.  Crazy!!”